BLAST from my past as a blogger...

With the end of the year drawing near and this probably being my last entry for 2006 I thought I might take an introvert turn and state for reference the things I loved most in the year that we all slowly abandon to oblivion. Not in any order other than the one that comes to mind..

• I loved the 1st day of 2006. Found me steaming and in bed. Given, I had a wild fever. But as they say.. the first year is an omen of how it’ll go.. so steaming in bed sounded nice..
• I loved February. The beginning of a getting over phase long overdue.
• I loved my car. Because it’s bound down broken and hurt and it still loves me enough to crawl. And to that extend, I loved breaking up my car. With a little help of course.
• I loved listening to the best lines I man could come up with. Seriously. The best, most ingenious, most lovable, most ‘how is this not a script?’ lines, in the most improbable moments.
• I loved not waking up at home every Friday. Made Thursdays a special tradition..
• I loved kinky Thursdays.. made Friday mornings less dull.
• I loved concerts and shows and gigs, from famous and infamous and up and coming artists. And the feeling of awe I had with most of them (yes.. including classical).
• I love my band. I love them. And all the shit we’ve been through trying to stand. And still having so much fun it makes it all worthwhile.
• I loved going on an Easter break in Denmark with my best friend. And driving to Ellsinore.. everyone looking at the view would easily think that something should have been rotten in Denmark. Otherwise it’s too fucking gorgeous.
• I love early morning coffees with my best friend. makes me feel alive to make time for us.
• I loved discovering mortality. Trying to make the best out of an impossible situation and discovering how closely pain and love are bound.
• I loved the intelligent, limitless, unbound and un-complexed conversations with a certain individual. Anything from how to pour coffee from a pot without spilling it (and how the laws of physics view it) to nipples and love.
• I loved absolutely loved my summer vacation.. it was the best I had. The best group of the best gorgeous people in the best possible locations.. who could ask for more.
• I loved discovering beautiful sounds and trying to make the world listen to them (that is my job though.. am I allowed to like it so much?)
• I loved meeting amazing, wonderful people through the net and having endless drinks with them.
• I loved being broke for the first time and not caring.
• I loved discovering Dune.
• And last of all.. I loved growing up. I actually dyed my hair.. I did.. they’re turning white they are.. impart wisdom I can now.. may the force be with us..


Things to Do in The Summer

this is the first day of the summer.
when I was young it was a very welcomed day, given the fact that school would soon be out and I would soon be on my way to long and enjoyable vacation.
now, it's the beginning of a three month long ache to my 2 week vacation. but still, things are better in the sun. brighter. light-hearted. beautiful.
I think of the live shows i'll go to- some i'll like, some i'll hate and some will be cancelled of course (i'll probably make up my mind again to go to primavera next year and then fail to find people to go with). i'll plan my summer vacation and then count all my money and decide to sleep on the beach for a day or two. I'll watch old movies in summer cinemas. try to live a weekend in Athens like a tourist. i'll thing of all the things i have no time to do and plan to do them and fail. and when september comes nothing will be different and i will have spent and entire summer doing the same shit i do every year: thinking i can actually change something slowly.
'spent' is the important word of the phrase. i don't lead a life, i spend it's time around. i just hope this summer i can find whatever i need to find in order to keep my body from throwing itself out the window in 5 years time.



Surprisingly, this title out of a Club Dumas chapter (awesome book. Arturo Perez-Reverte occasionally rules) served as an imperative for me. Since the day I read it I have remembered quite a few things, all surfacing from some deep underground hiding spot.
So I recalled
1. how deeply mesmerized I have always felt by people making flower bouquets. I haven’t been in a florists’ in ages so when I did the other day it struck me like lighting to remember how hypnotized and calm I felt while observing someone slowly putting flowers down a white table, making sure they were the right length, adding some white little decorative plant that I feel only exists to make roses look cuter and then, abruptly cutting me off my daydream by tightly raping a ribbon around them and handing them to me, usually with a smile. I don’t know why. But I feel calm even thinking about it.
2. that my grandmother’s tiny little electric pot (it was round and had a plug and a window to see how the food was cooking. More like a portable oven than a pot) made the best stuffed peppers & tomatoes EVER. It failed when it came to other food, but the stuffed peppers that came out of there were amazing. I recall preferring the peppers to the tomatoes because they weren’t as sweet. And I think I can hear her calling us home from the field to ‘eat while it’s hot’.
3. the smell of humidity and carved stone on my family’s home in the North. It was more like a carved cave, dark and humid and full of old stuff- clay pots, tools and iron coal ovens. it always had the perfect temperature there. Cool if it was hot and hot if it was cold. It served as a hideout, a dareground (like ‘go put your hand in that hole in the wall’) and well, a shower.
4. how absolutely cool it was to have a secret place in my room where I hid my flashlight. I used it to read my books under the covers as part of my revolution. Yes. My revolution was reading detective novels at the age of 10. also, after my parents discovered me and took the light away so that I might get some sleep (and stop going through books faster than a starved bookworm), I remember trying to paint faces in my mind. Much like a crude, primitive photoshop..
5. the time I nearly died in Spain. I was 7 maybe and I decided to jump in at the deep end of the pool. I had my eyes open and I remember enjoying the blue light refractions as I was going down. I can’t tell if I was afraid or not. I think I had no concept of fear back then (unless it was for the unknown). My father got me out. He dipped his big hand in the water and grabbed me as I was slowly sinking. I remember coughing a lot of chlorine tasting water afterward and nodding my head as I promised ‘never to tell mom how stupid I was when they left me alone’. I also remember keeping my promise for 3 days..


the merits of first times..

I have been horse back riding for 23 years. Leading with that I have to say that, when I was very young, I told my grandfather that I thought I would consider my self 'old' when I could reminisce in such a way.. anyway. I have been horse back riding for 23 years. During that time I have show jumped, galloped like crazy, had to hold on for dear life during fly bites, frights, bad days and wild, uncontrollable runs through forests, beaches and hills. And I have never fallen off. Never, that is, until today. So, as I am quietly on an –admittedly very- difficult white horse, he suddenly decides to pull his head down, take a left, kneel and then kick his back feet up. He had a simple goal. He wanted me off. I didn’t give him the satisfaction at first so for a few brief seconds I was on top of my game and it seemed like I was going to pull it off. Then the stirrup broke off. I lost my footing and – as my teacher put it- I decided it was time to jump ship. So I did. I leaned on the right and jumped off, hitting the ground with my right side and tumbling away as quickly as I could- following said teacher's instructions to ‘get the fuck away from him now’. The point I am trying to make isn’t that there is a first time for everything. That is a well known fact. And it is not that I hurt my ego more than I hurt myself (which is true by the way). What I’m trying to say is that I have never felt more alive. It was such a massive, engulfing adrenaline rush, such as I have never experienced before. I can replay every moment of it in my mind. The horse’s neck going really low, closing in on the ground to the right, his legs kicking up as I fell backwards to keep my balance. My left foot loosing support and then, as a very weird spinning image, the realisation that I, me, am about to fall really badly on the ground. And that fraction of the second I decide that it would be much better for me if I fall on my terms. So I let go of the reigns and flew off, fell, tumbled and got up on one knee, kicking my helmet away and running for the horse at the same time as my instructor, who might have been a bit more scared for me than I was. I told off the horse quite a bit.. I think ‘you bloody idiot’ was the kindest thing I say to him before I jumped back on, just to try and save whatever was left of my control over him. But still, this feeling that I am actually alive, hasn’t left me. And in a strange way, I feel more proud of this fall than I had for my amicable record. Here’s to firsts!


choices choices

it is strange, but sometimes when i wake up in the morning i have the feeling i have already had a full day. i want to rest, relax, get up quietly and make my way to work (where i will spend the next 9-12 hours with my head down and my ear stuck to a tel.receiver like an obedient little member of society) but i can't. cause in those few moments before i open my eyes i have already done all that. i have gone through that daily routine and i have returned to my bed (that sees less and less of me as i grow older).
i guess this probably means that i have been spending too much time doing the same thing. or maybe it means that i have tired of repeating said thing no matter how long i have been doing it.
whichever the case may be the truth remains simple. i want to wake up in my bed. make a pot of coffee -ala cooper style- and slowly go through the day doing things I need done. for me. like, paint the grey patch on my salmon balcony wall. water my plants. read 'kingdom come' with an afternoon coctail. take a long bath- after i fix my bathtub. clean the house. rearrange my bookcase. buy a new bookcase for the books and cds that now occupy the floor in front of my latin notebooks. dust the notebooks. maybe even open them up and remember writing: 'unus aves sedebat' in one of them when i was bored.
can i do these things? or do i need to give up my job to have the time to deal with them? and, oh lord, why? does it feel so satisfactory to accomplish even one of those little trivialities? like in one second, the day has gained substance and meaning, only by putting the muse cd back under 'M' on the rack.
maybe it actually is that simple.


Stretch out.. stretch back in

some days (i don't know if they have a specific characteristic or not), i feel like my body can't hold me in. like i am kind of kept inside a strange place without my wanting it. like i am too much for what carries me around (heavy shit). maybe i should think about it a bit more.
i mean... it's only natural for me not to be able to explain it. it is indeed a very strange feeling. and it is coupled with the fact that those same days i want to do EVERYthing.. like i have superexcess energy and i need somewhere to spend it!
maybe, those days, i should cut back on sugar... it could give me a different perspective! and probably save me the trouble of looking deeper into this!


xmas tree lights should be around all year

i accidentally decorated my tree two days before xmas. now it is 20 days after xmas and i still haven't taken the decorations down.
but they look so damned pretty.. and i haven't really had much time to absorb the essence of the holiday yet. i think it would be so much cuter if i just left the lights on. they would give a false sense of celebration and and even falser sense of time off coming my way!
:-) i live for illusions!