I Read..

since the new year began i have managed to finish a couple of books.
first, a 'Clash of Kings'. interesting continuation of a marvellously written book, picking up on characters i either loved or hated but still wanted to know how they turned out. i wouldn't go on reading the third book unless a friend urged me to. apparently jamie lannister has some interesting things to say. still, guys, i can never like a guy who did his own bitch of a sister for 15 years..

second, 'Haunted'. slightly sick and greatly disturbing, this novel taught me one thing: Radiohead were right. you do it to yourself, you do..

third, 'Sharpe's Eagle'. like a viper book for war novel lovers. easily digestible and historicaly informing, it has greatly improved my before-bed-time and send me off to sleep with images of go-stuff-it ragged rebels and honourable men. all and all, what you need after a novel like 'Haunted'.