post, the first

My Friend Gina said that i have a knack for writing.She doesn't say it often. maybe because usually our conversations revolve around her work, my work, where we should go, what we should do and in general, all those necessary but normal aspects of the everyday life. What's the difference with today's topic? i decided to write down exactly why i woke up feeling like shit.. and she liked it. not me feeling like shit, my writing about it.
so i thought it might be a good chance to use this creative outlet, just to write the crap that is in my head without having to listen to myself saying it out loud. i hate it when i become mediocre (i don't believe that i'm not. i just believe i shouldn't be). so here i am. still at the office at this ungodly hour of  7.41, wondering just when i will be able to leave this place feeling good about myself (could be the day i quit- not that i'm coming to that just yet).
and you know what.. i am starting to think that soon we'll all be working out of our homes..in the begining because it will be easier for us (that's what they'll say. it will be clearly for cost cutting), and later because we'll all be just too godamned bored to lift a finger to walk out our door. everything will be delivered by robots that will freely roam the streets and we'll all have high speed cameras so that we can socialise with our friends from the comfort of our bed.. once a year we might go out for vrouves (because the robots will need maintenance of course).. and it has begun (the staying in part.. not the vrouves part)
so the question is.. where do you stand? behind your door.. or ready to fight against all things that want to keep you down (in, on, after, before or whtvr)??let the revolution begin.