Things to Do in The Summer

this is the first day of the summer.
when I was young it was a very welcomed day, given the fact that school would soon be out and I would soon be on my way to long and enjoyable vacation.
now, it's the beginning of a three month long ache to my 2 week vacation. but still, things are better in the sun. brighter. light-hearted. beautiful.
I think of the live shows i'll go to- some i'll like, some i'll hate and some will be cancelled of course (i'll probably make up my mind again to go to primavera next year and then fail to find people to go with). i'll plan my summer vacation and then count all my money and decide to sleep on the beach for a day or two. I'll watch old movies in summer cinemas. try to live a weekend in Athens like a tourist. i'll thing of all the things i have no time to do and plan to do them and fail. and when september comes nothing will be different and i will have spent and entire summer doing the same shit i do every year: thinking i can actually change something slowly.
'spent' is the important word of the phrase. i don't lead a life, i spend it's time around. i just hope this summer i can find whatever i need to find in order to keep my body from throwing itself out the window in 5 years time.

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