BLAST from my past as a blogger...

With the end of the year drawing near and this probably being my last entry for 2006 I thought I might take an introvert turn and state for reference the things I loved most in the year that we all slowly abandon to oblivion. Not in any order other than the one that comes to mind..

• I loved the 1st day of 2006. Found me steaming and in bed. Given, I had a wild fever. But as they say.. the first year is an omen of how it’ll go.. so steaming in bed sounded nice..
• I loved February. The beginning of a getting over phase long overdue.
• I loved my car. Because it’s bound down broken and hurt and it still loves me enough to crawl. And to that extend, I loved breaking up my car. With a little help of course.
• I loved listening to the best lines I man could come up with. Seriously. The best, most ingenious, most lovable, most ‘how is this not a script?’ lines, in the most improbable moments.
• I loved not waking up at home every Friday. Made Thursdays a special tradition..
• I loved kinky Thursdays.. made Friday mornings less dull.
• I loved concerts and shows and gigs, from famous and infamous and up and coming artists. And the feeling of awe I had with most of them (yes.. including classical).
• I love my band. I love them. And all the shit we’ve been through trying to stand. And still having so much fun it makes it all worthwhile.
• I loved going on an Easter break in Denmark with my best friend. And driving to Ellsinore.. everyone looking at the view would easily think that something should have been rotten in Denmark. Otherwise it’s too fucking gorgeous.
• I love early morning coffees with my best friend. makes me feel alive to make time for us.
• I loved discovering mortality. Trying to make the best out of an impossible situation and discovering how closely pain and love are bound.
• I loved the intelligent, limitless, unbound and un-complexed conversations with a certain individual. Anything from how to pour coffee from a pot without spilling it (and how the laws of physics view it) to nipples and love.
• I loved absolutely loved my summer vacation.. it was the best I had. The best group of the best gorgeous people in the best possible locations.. who could ask for more.
• I loved discovering beautiful sounds and trying to make the world listen to them (that is my job though.. am I allowed to like it so much?)
• I loved meeting amazing, wonderful people through the net and having endless drinks with them.
• I loved being broke for the first time and not caring.
• I loved discovering Dune.
• And last of all.. I loved growing up. I actually dyed my hair.. I did.. they’re turning white they are.. impart wisdom I can now.. may the force be with us..

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